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EBERSPÄCHER FIL Luge Season 2020/2021 gets underway

Despite the disruption of Covid-19, the EBERSPÄCHER FIL Luge season 2020/21 got off to a great start in Innsbruck, Austria.

Restrictions on travel impact the ability to have on-site commentators. In the face of this challenge, two remote commentators (located in Lake Placid and Vermont USA) provided exciting real-time live commentary for the 10 races of World Cup 1, using a simple PC, browser and headset tied with the latest cloud technology.

The remote commentary technology, capturing, mixing in and eliminating any time latency differences for the various audio and video sources, provided viewers and distributors with a seamless commentated feed.

So impressed was the FIL TV team with the outcome, it is planned to bring in Athlete experts (from anywhere in the World) for live race analysis during the EBERSPÄCHER FIL Luge season.

An example of the relive feed is available:

As with the last six seasons, Digotel is providing FIL with the OTT and distribution platforms, as well as overseeing the remote commentary services for the scheduled 10 EBERSPÄCHER FIL Luge World Cups and the 50th FIL World Championships in 2020/2021.

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