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Digotel steers partnership - UGC sports video capture

As consultants to wTV. with vast experience of digital media in the sports industry, Digotel identified an exciting opportunity for the CrewStudio video capture application.

Recognising the significant synergy potential for combining this technology with the sports sector, Digotel initiated a partnership between international communications agency wTV. and experts in digital sports content, LiveWire Sport.

To ensure a smooth delivery to market, on behalf of wTV., Digotel manages the rollout and channel management for the recently launched LiveWire Studio app.


LiveWire Sport launches video app - June 25, 2020

Content agency LiveWire Sport has launched a new mobile application aimed at helping sports organisations create high-quality video content quickly and efficiently.

Sports organisations are increasingly looking for ways to harness the power of their athletes, influencers, fans and ambassadors to produce video but face challenges with the cost and efficiency of accessing quality content.

The LiveWire Studio app has been designed to streamline the process at a time when accessing talent has been even more challenging because of COVID-19.

Tom Jackson, Head of Video at LiveWire Sport, said: “With lockdown restrictions in place, organisations have been challenged in thinking of ways to engage with fans whilst stuck at home, with limited access to their stars.

“The LiveWire Studio app has been designed to enable organisations to produce high-quality content using a smartphone, particularly when social distancing restrictions have prevented camera crews from filming in athletes’ homes.

“The app's secure server also removes the need to send large video files via instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, which compresses files. This solution means clips are immediately delivered to our editing team at their highest quality without compromise.”

LiveWire Sport has partnered with International communications agency wTV., and digital consulting company Digotel, who have utilised the technology with a number of clients in the corporate and non-Governmental Organisation sectors.

Peter Sibley, Executive Director wTV., added: “We are very pleased to be working together with one of the leading international sports agencies to be able to make leading edge video capture technology available to the world's major sporting organisations and sportspeople as part of the new normal.”

Persil was the first LiveWire Sport client to utilise the LiveWire Studio app. As part of their partnership with rugby club Harlequins, players generated content from their homes as part of their #HomeIsGoodMovie campaign.

The LiveWire Studio app provides organisations with the tools to influence and control the messaging of their sports stars, talent or ambassadors when filming UGC, utilising the app’s existing in-camera features.

The features of the app map user-journeys that mirror the standard use of a smartphone, with additional in-camera guidance highlighting filming tips, such as framing guides, audio levels and prompts for questions, topics, hashtags and commercial partners.

With secure access for teams and users, videos are stored safely using cloud-based platforms. The app also has the flexibility to be used for multiple projects, in different locations and over extended periods of time.

All video content recorded in the app is then immediately uploaded directly to the production team to edit the footage, for a fast turnaround to capture those time-sensitive social moments.

For further information on how LiveWire Sport can help you create high quality video content for your organisation, or for more information about the LiveWire Studio app, please contact Mike Lawrence at


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