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10 Years Ago - Vancouver 2010

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Digotel, consultants to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), created a new concept for the digital distribution, consumption and monetization of the Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010.

The growing appetite for online video consumption, the ability for the viewer to choose what and when to watch along with the emergence of High-definition video provided all the elements for a new groundbreaking platform to showcase the Vancouver 2010 Games.

For the duration of the Winter Games Digotel, on behalf of the EBU, brought together over 38 European public service broadcasters’ linear coverage and 6 EBU Olympic Feeds into a dedicated Portal. For the first time, a pan-European audience enjoyed the ability to watch and re-watch the entire scope of a Winter Olympics.

The Portal was an outstanding success both in terms of streaming hours viewed, breadth and depth of content, co-operation with the IOC, IOC Top Sponsor (GE) and EBU Rights Holding Broadcasters.

Using the latest Akamai streaming protocols, DVR player technology and encoding equipment, for many European viewers, this was the first time they could watch Winter Olympic coverage in HD quality.

Digotel designed the concept, strategy, finance model, technical setup and distribution to deliver an innovative concept which surpassed streaming figures at the time and set a benchmark for digital coverage of multi-sport events.

This project could not have happened without the support of a dedicated group of people who saw a great future in digital distribution and consumption – how right we were!

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